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Fortitude Lodge MMM No. 66
Gets Knotted!

At the last regular meeting of Fortitude Lodge of MMM No.66 on the 19th October 2010, R W. Bro. Peter Hawken MBE GMRAC found himself caught by surprise!

W.Bro Jim Clemens PPrGStwd requested the Provincial Grand Master attend the Lodge to make a presentation from W. Bro Jim and the Lodge to V. W. Bro. Ken Keast, Provincial Grand Secretary. However, the Provincial Grand Master found himself also receiving a presentation, much to his surprise, and delight.

During his year as Provincial Grand Steward, W. Bro Jim, who had worked in the yard with R.W.Bro Peter, had many conversations with both brethren about their working times R.W. Bro. Peter in the Dockyard and V. W. Bro Kens' having served a number of years in the Royal Marines and masonry.

The information he gained from these conversations led W. Bro. Jim to indulge in his passion as a 'knottier' and create two boxes with beautiful examples of knot work coupled with depictions of the PGMs working life with submarines and V.W.Bro. Kens service in the Marines coupled with symbols of the Degrees and orders to which they belong.

W.Bro Jim said that "in Fortitude 66 we always enjoy the banter between the SHIPWRIGHTS, JOINERS, SLINGERS, etc" and went on to say "I can rise above you all because I was a Crane Driver and later when I came down from my exalted position I became the powerhouse of the Dockyard looking after the Generators" In presenting the Knot box he said "Right Worshipful Brother Peter Hawken, "THIS IS YOUR LIFE."

The PGM and V. W. Bro. Ken responded with thanks and delight after each presentation having eventually found their voices after the surprise had been sprung. Both said they would treasure with pride these knot boxes as important heirlooms of their careers in work and masonry.

W Bro Nicholas White PrGMO

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Three members of St Georges Craft Lodge No. 112 all in the Chair of Mark

From the left
W. Bro. Andrew Leadbetter Athelstan 958
W. Bro. Kelvin Bell Exon 1075
W. Bro. Vic Matthews
St George 15

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