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News Letter

Mark Festival 2016

Devonshire Mark Benevolent Fund 2016 Festival Newsletter

Issue 1
September 2011

Introduction To Devonshire Mark Festival

Brethren the Mark Benevolent Fund needs us to support them so they can in turn support distressed Mark Master Masons, their dependants and other worthy causes, (this Fund was instigated by St John Lodge No 50 asking that a grant could be made to a widow of a brother who was advanced in Gibraltar and then resident in Plymouth, the grant of 」3 was made). Traditionally the way money is raised for the fund is by brethren giving regularly and Annual Festivals, in 2016 we will be hosting the 147th Mark Benevolent Fund Festival here in Devonshire.

This Province has had a strong tradition of charitable giving and this Festival will provide us all with a great challenge, I am only to aware that we have been supporting the Craft Festival for the last 5years but I am sure we will rise to this great challenge. One way of assisting in this challenge is for all our Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges to become Grand Patron GOLD Lodges this would mean raising 」2500 from each Lodge (as all our Lodges are Grand Patrons at present).

I urge you all to support this fund and our Festival and my greatest hope is that whatever we raise we do it as Devonshire
Mark Master Masons by enjoying ourselves.

Peter Hawken MBE
Provincial Grand Master

Festival Committee

President :- R W. Bro P Hawken MBE, Provincial Grand Master

Chairman :- V W. Bro P Balsom, Deputy Provincial Grand Master

Members :-
W. Bro T M Jenkins Communication/ Liaison with Charity StewardsTelephone:-
Home :- 01752-248477 Email:
W. Bro J Clendinning Communication/Liaison with Charity Stewards
Telephone: Home 01752-516960 Email :-
W. Bro D Purdie, Festival Venue
W. Bro M Daniels, Finance
W. Bro A J Duncan, Fund Raising Events/Merchandising
Home :- 01803-865374: Email :-
W. Bro N A Room-Doubleday, Administration


Welcome to the News Letter

Welcome to this, the first of our Festival News Letters. It is our intention to issue it on six monthly basis to keep you all up to date with the various aspects of the Festival in order that you in turn can keep your Lodge brethren 妬n the loop. This is vitally important as you will be the link between the Organising Committee and your own members, so your work/input/support is essential, it will not work otherwise.

If you as a Charity Steward require any help or support in respect of the Festival we are only a phone call/e-mail away. If you wish for support in talking to your members this can be arranged also, we are here to support you, but remember it is your Lodge and your brethren. Initially contact either W. Bro Trevor Jenkins or W. Bro John Clendinning (see above for contact details) who will make certain any query is dealt with. It is also the intention to set up Liaison groups of experienced Charity Stewards so that assistance will be easily available in your area on a day to day basis. Further details and names contact details will be circulated in the near future.will already have received the Booklet entitled 典he Role of the Charity Steward Festival 2016, setting out,

1). The objects of the DMCA

2). Blank documents such as Bankers Order, 150 Draw application, Gift Aid application, and details as to how members can participate.(Remember every amount contributed where a Gift Aid form has been completed, attracts a further 25% for those paying standard rate Tax) Gift Aid envelopes will be available soon, when you require any please ask.

3).Details of the contributions required to qualify for a Collarette. These contributions are to include any amount paid by an individual since the last Devon Festival in 1986. To this list we can now add (as was discussed at the DMCA AGM in June) the individual Gold Collarette for a total contributed from 1986 of 」2500, and a Lodge Gold Collarette for a total Lodge contribution from 8 March 2011 until the Festival in 2016 again at 」2500.

4). Essential record keeping, so as you can advise the Charity Steward of the individual/lodge contributions on an annual basis for the purchase of collarettes, and also importantly keep your individual brethren aware of the total contributions they have made up to any given point

Please remember that we still require the names of any of your members prepared to help in the running of any future Fund Raising events and to assist during the actual Festival week-end in 2016, we particularly volunteers in the Exeter, Torbay and North Devon areas. Please try to get your younger members to join in. Again names and contact details to Trevor or John please

Remember when the Festival was launched last year our Provincial Grand Master was insistent that we all above anything else enjoy the Festival and the various events leading to it.
If you or any of your members wish to submit cmments /articles or details of fund raising events being held by your Lodge relevant to the Festival for inclusion in the next or subsequent issues of the News Letter contact

Festival Merchandising/FUN raising events

W. Bro A Duncan

There are two aspects to our 2016 Festival , one is to raise funds for the Mark Benevolent Fund which is under the direction of your Lodge Charity Steward and the other is to provide an income to help cover the costs of putting on the Festival event.

The Festival event will be held over a weekend in the summer of 2016, with a Reception on the Friday
evening and a Formal Dinner on Saturday Night at which the result of the Festival will be announced, it is expected that 700 to 800 Mark Brethren and their ladies will attend. Some events will be organised on a Province wide basis and it is hoped that Lodges or groups of Lodges will run their own local events . To keep you all informed on whats taking place there will be a dedicated space on our Provincial website (

It is anticipated that the Province will organise a major event in each year leading up to the Festival such as Sale of Promises, Band Concert and a Charity Auction etc.

To start with at this year`s Provincial Meeting there will be a competition to estimate the weight of a Cake that is being made for us. Tickets will be on sale in the changing rooms at 」1-00p each.

Events for next year:

North Devon Fair proceeds will be for the benefit of the Festival Annual Golf day further details to follow.

Brethren, in order to defray the costs of running the festival in 2016 your committee have decided to
produce a number of special 泥evonshire Mark goods for sale. Our intention is to make one new item per year over the next six years to be launched at our Annual Provincial Meeting.

This year we are introducing a Provincial Token the first to be authorised by the Province in our 155 years of existence. The Token will be produced in bronze and bear the Devonshire crest as in the stained glass window at Mark Masons Hall in London. On the front will be a shield with a sailing ship on the sea over a lion as our sesquicentennial breast jewel, surrounded by the lettering above 泥evonshire Provincial Grand Lodge and 溺ark Master Masons below. The reverse will show the symbols of the Degree of the 溺allet and Chisel with the words 鉄on of Man Mark Well.

These tokens will be offered for sale at the Provincial Meeting in Exeter on Saturday 1 October 2011 at a cost of 」4-00p each. Further supplies can be from Bro A J Duncan :- 01803-865374 e-mail :-

Questions and Answers

Q. Some of my Brethren have made contributions collarettes in the past and wish to know their total. Neither I nor the Provincial Charity Steward have any records of payments, how can I ascertain the total.

A. The individual brethren must make application to the Mark Benevolent Fund who should be able to help. (Below please find a Draft letter which can be used in these circumstances)

Your home Address
Date of Letter

To:- Hon Secretary.Benevolent Fund.Masons辿all,
, St James Street,, SW1A 1PLSirs

:- Mark Benevolent Fund Individual Charity Contributions.

I am a member of the under mentioned lodge and wish to ascertain if from your records, you could advise me of the total contributions I have made to the 擢und, until the date of this letter.

Unfortunately neither my own lodge Charity Steward, nor the Provincial Charity Steward can assist me in this matter, so your help would be much appreciated.

Lodge NameNumber and Rank
Yours Fraternally

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